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Vina Machines
1060 3/2 Street, Ward 12, District 11, HCM, Vietnam
Tel: +84 83962 5458 - Fax: +84 83962 5459
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ViNa Machines Tools, JSC. provides advanced metal working solutions and comprehensive services for production machining, mold/die machining, and production turning. A leading importer and distributor of high-performance CNC machining and turning equipment, the company helps machine shops and manufacturing facilities improve their production processes to be more competitive in a tough global environment.
Products and Services
ViNa Machines Tools has worked with its partners for nearly 25 years to offer the most heavy-duty, accurate, and productive machine tools in the industry. We also supply a diverse range of previously owned equipment. The company has built its reputation on unsurpassed applications-engineering service and support, comprehensive training, and innovative preventive-maintenance programs. In addition, a nationwide network of regional distributors is in place to help Worlwide manufacturers with their toughest production challenges.
Our Product supply inluded: CNC machines, Lathe, cutting machine, grinding machine, press brakes, air raid, wire cutters, milling machines, lathes, parts, equipment.
ViNa Machines Tools also teams with leading suppliers of tooling and fixtures, automation, quality control, CAM software, and ancillary products to provide turnkey systems for specific production needs.

Dear our valued customers,  

Vinamachine Corporation is established at the busy centre of machinery and tools market in Ho Chi Minh City. With over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, we believe we could bring the best offer to our customers. Our sales team is consisted of veterans in machinery and tools dealing, and we are proud to be distributors for over 40 global suppliers of machinery and tools, many are well known and have great reputation of their high quality products such as:

  • Davi
  • Eurostamp
  • Baykal
  • Hyundai-WIA
  • Chinfong
  • Denver
  • Wetori
  • Vertex
  • AMG Plasma
  • Fintek
  • Proma
  • Tailift

Each of our suppliers is in close cooperation with Vinamachine Corp to ensure our services to customers. We are confident that our products are unmatched in both quality and price. Vinamachine guarantees to refund the price difference if you could find lower price in Vietnam for the same product

With passion and honesty at the core of our motto, Vinamachine Corp always ensures that our customers will have the best service there is.

Sincerely yours,

To contact Vinamachines, please e-mail us at sales@vnmachines.com