Baykal APHS-31120 CNC Press Brakes

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Baykal APHS-31120 CNC Press Brakes
Design and Operating Features
• Rigidly welded, monoblock steel frame for minimum deflection under load
• Downstroking bending beam with two cylinders made from high-quality forged steel and precisely honed
• Ram travel fully supported in low friction fiber slideways
• Full electronic synchronisation with proportional valve technology assuring maximum bend accuracy and repeatability through constant monitoring and correction of beam parallelism by a CNC system
• Stroke-depth measurement through high-precision linear scales
• CNC-controlled backgauge on ballscrew spindles with DC drive
• Block-type European hydraulics
• Compactly-wired electrical box with ventilation
• Full conformity with EC Machinery Directive for safety and certified CE marking
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CNC System
• Graphical control with full programming and machine control facilities in a user-friendly computer environment. Main features include:
• Programmable multi-axis control.
Y1-Y2 cylinder axes
X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2 backgauge axes
CNC crowning axis
Modular expansion for additional axes
• High memory capacity for program steps and tooling data
• High number of  product and bend repeat possibility
• Direct graphical programming with automatic computation of all axis
positions and bend sequence in full graphic simulation
• Product programming with direct angle input or in absolute dimensions. For each CNC program and bend sequence, the programmable and/or computed functions include: bending length/thickness, material selection, tooling selection, bend method, mute position, pinching point, pres force/speed,
incremental travel and retraction of backgauge,dwell time, delay time for axes re-positioning, decompression
stroke/speed, tilt adjustment, cgorrections on Y and X axes
• Manual operation of all axes
• Teach-in on all axes
• Operator selectable languages
• Integrated diagnostic software
• Memory  storage on USB flashdisk
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Backgauge Options
Backgauge system with X-axes:
-Travel on ballscrew spindles
-DC-motor driven
-Two micrometric stop-fingers with height and
lateral adjustment
-Range                                     : 650 mm.
-Travel speed(max)                : 330 mm/s
-Positionung precision           : +-0.03 mm
Backgauge system with X-R axes:
-Travel on ballscrew spindles
-DC-motor driven
-Two micrometric stop-fingers with lateral
-Range           X-axis : 650 mm
                        R-axis : 160 mm
-Travel speed (max)
                        X-axis : 350 mm/s
                        R-axis : 240 mm/s
-Positioning precision
                        X-axis : +- 0.03 mm
                        R-axis : +- 0.05 mm
       (C) Additional backgauge axes for special
Details of these special backgauge systems
Baykal-APHS-31120-CNC-Press-Brakes X R Axes
• European-style top tool holders with wedges
• Sectioned (gooseneck) punch and multi-vee die block (all tooling precisely ground)
• Two-hand operation console with double foot-switch
• Linear front-arm guides
• Electrically-interlocked side and rear guards
• Manual or power-driven (CNC) crowning tables
• Top tool manual quick-release clamps
• Hydraulic tool clamping systems
• Special tooling for customer applications:
• Special-profile top and bottom tools
• Single-vee dies with table adapters
• Front light guards or front laser protection for enhanced safety
Baykal-APHS-31120-CNC-Press-Brakes system gen
Technical Data
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