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Contents Items Units SF-16
TABLE  Working Surface mm 1,600×750
T-Slots (W×No.) mm 22×6(P=100)
Max. Table Load kg 1,500
Column Span mm 850
TRAVEL X Axis (Spindle Left/Right) mm 1,600
Y Axis (Table In/Out) mm 750
Z Axis (Spindle Vertical) mm 500
Spindle Nose to Table Surface (min/max.) mm 150-650
SPINDLE Spindle Nose   BT-40/HSK-63A/SK-40
Spindle Speed rpm 15,000/20,000
Spindle Motor KW (Built-in) 18
FEED RATE Cutting Feed Rate mm/min 1-12,000
X/Y/Z Axis Rapid Traverse m/min 30/30/30
ATC(Automatic Tool Changer) Tool Shank   BT-40/HSK-63A
Tool Storage Capacity Tools 20(umbrella)
Max. Tool (Diam.×Length) mm Ø60×240
Max. Tool Weight kg 8
Tool Selection   Arbitrarily Direction
MACHINE SIZE Machine Size cm 325x450x320
Transformer KVA 45
Machine Weight kg 13,000kg
Gross Weight kg 14,700kg
Shipment Dimension   20’ Flat

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Highly Rigid Structure; High Quality, and Highly Efficient Design
Creating Products with higher added value and profits

◆The seat and body are both made with high-quality, tough and durable casts. All castings have been processed by tempering in order to improve the stability Of the casts, and the machine can maintain its rigidity and precision in high-speed cutting.
◆The design of the super-wide base mount and double-column vertical-typed structure increases the stability of the processing of the machinery, while the light-weight head design increases the high-speed, high-precision cutting ability. High Strength structure demonstrates highly efficient cutting ability.
◆The whole series utilize highly rigid, precise Swiss linear guide, accompanied by high-lead ball screw with precision-grade grinding, which provides high-speed feed rate(1G acceleration) of 30 meters per minute while ensuring precision of high-speed movement.

The ball screw with X, Y, and Z axis and linear guide on the machine are equipped with automatic lubricating system, so maintenance of the machine can be easier and ensures a smoother operation.

◆Six-slider design of the Z-axis linear guide increases processing Stability of the machine.
◆Non-weighted transfer design of the Z-axis reduces the weight of the machine and ensures precision of the curved surface cutting.
◆Non-alerted shutoff of power supply of the Z-axis is equipped with elevating function to prevent damage to the machine and the work piece.
◆The triaxial ball screw and servo motor are directly connected and propelled to ensure accurate alignment.
◆The floating relief device prevents damage to the spindle when withdrawing, so the act of withdrawing the cutting tool can be smoother, and can prolong life of the bearing and ensures precision.

  • FANUC 18i-MB/Oi
  • SIEMENS 840D/828
Standard accessories
  • Spindle cooling system
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Leveling bolts and blocks
  • Full enclosed splash guard
  • Y axis telescopic cover
  • RS232/RJ45 interface
  • Heat exchanger
  • Intrinsically safe light tower
  • Auto off
  • Wash gun
  • Fluorescent lamp
  • Detachable MPG
  • Air blow device
  • Operating manual
  • Tool box with tools
Optional accessories
  • Tilting rotating table with 4-axis/5-axis
  • Graphite Dust Collection device
  • Auto. Tooling Measure
  • Rigid Tapping Function
  • On-line Measuring system
  • Oil Water Separator
  • Oil Mist Extractor
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Linear Scales on 3 Axes
  • Coolant through spindle (CTS)
  • Transformer
  • Constant Voltage Regulator
  • Coolant through ballscrew (CTB)
  • Machine coolant device
  • Ultrasonic spindle
  • Linear motor system
  • 3 axes rapid traverse 48m/min
  • Linear scales on 3 axes / closed loop