VERTEX Magnetic DeBurring & Polishing Machine VDB-233A

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VDB-233A   Stainless,steel Brass,cooper Gold,silver platium   8001-300   Inquriy

Diagram of principle for Magnetic

De-burring & Polishing Machine

1.      Lid

2.      Magentic media (stainless pin)

3.      Top plate

4.      Magnetic disc

5.      Container

6.      Liquid and water level ( 1 / 100)

7.      Work-piece

work-piece are tumbled together with magnetic media through the rotation of the magnets bellow the non-magnetic top plate, which causes violent agitation of the magnetic field.

Function of liquid:

For avert rustiness, cool and clean, Rate of liquid/water:1/100


1.      Put the magnetic media (stainless steel pins) in the container, the quantity of magnetic media is around 0.5cm to 1cm from the bottom of the container.

2.      Put work-Piece in the container, the principle of quantity as does not put the work-piece overlap.

3.      Put the liquid with 100 times of water in the container. The liquid with water should be cover the workpiece and over 2-3cm.

4.      Placed the lid of container and put the container on the top plate of the grinder for begin to grind.

5.      The grinding time and the quantity of work-piece should be depend on the result which you need after test several times. Please make not for next time when you want to grind same work-piece.

6.      There are two size of container, so if you want to grind the work-piece just few quantity, the small one will be much better.